Top 6 reasons to try UK casino roulette

Playing online we are ought to try a variety of games. But we noticed that often players, especially who are new, stay away from skill games in the casino. Sometimes it’s the lack of confidence, sometimes it’s fear of the unknown but if that’s you, if you have been stuck playing slots for a while, we have 6 big reasons to go out there and try new casino games.

It’s safe

It is completely safe to put money online and play. If there ever has been a casino you could confidently play in, it’s a casino based in UK. For various reasons from sensible regulations of casinos online to Brits being vocal and not letting anyone get away.

In any case, UK casinos are the safest around. That’s a fact.

Try something new

live roulette

Like we said in the introduction, if you have been stuck on slots, this is the time to overcome your doubts and try playing UK casino roulette. It’s a great experience. It’s a great game.

Want an extra challenge? Play live casino roulette online. It’s gaming on a whole new level.

Easy to Learn

As long as we’re on a subject of learning, roulette is very easy to learn (have you tried Craps?). Here you can simply start with black/red and try more bets as you play.

Or stay at the 1:1 payout bets – it’s a reasonably good strategy, too.

It’s in your pocket

mobile roulette

How many times you take out your phone from your pocket, browse for a half an hour and then feel guilty for wasting time on mindless scrolling. You know what else is on your phone? Roulette.

We’re not saying you are going to win a Nobel prize for that but it beats mindless browsing in a sense of separating entertainment from working. And it’s right there when you need it.

For example, if you need to work on a project for two hours, you can reward yourself with roulette on your phone.

It’s exciting

UK casino roulette is so exciting. You wouldn’t believe the adrenaline rush when the wheel is spinning and you are waiting for the outcome that could land you a lot of money. Ever played the lottery? Multiply the feeling by a 100 and you’ll know what exciting roulette can get.

It’s free

When you can play for free and expect to win real money, how can you say no? Exactly! Try out roulette on play money tables – learn the rules, familiarize yourself with the numbers on the wheel and when you’re ready, join a casino which will often double your deposit money to experience their games.

5 proven ways to win at UK casino blackjack

It’s incredible how different are winners and losers at a casino. We’d even wager the patterns even extend into the online play. Losers don’t see mistakes in the way they play. Actually, they are not even looking, not until they lose.

UK casino blackjack is not a place where you can allow mistakes if you even hope to win. Here are proven ways that without you will not win on Blackjack.

1. Long-term and Short-term

As a UK casino blackjack, you have to understand the long-term and the short-term. Blackjack is not a lottery game. You can’t hit a jackpot. Nor you can ‘outskill’ the casino. They have the edge. But that you can do is take it one sessions at a time, cut your losses on bad days and celebrate the good ones.

2. Follow a guide

As we said, UK casino blackjack is not a place for mistakes for a winning player. So, the first thing you must do is learn the optimal strategy to use. Luckily, you don’t need to study the game – there are already many charts and guides that explain the best way to play, so you don’t give away your edge.

3. Manage your bankroll

blackjack manage bankroll

You’re not a millionaire who can blow $10,000 in a session. Probably. So, don’t act like one. Gambling is dangerous when you overestimate your capabilities. Start with cents, even if you have $10,000 to blow. Even if you go higher after a certain time, never ever put more than 5% of your bankroll on a table.

That’s the only way to guarantee that no matter your luck, you are in control of your bankroll.

4. Prepare beforehand

We already talked about guides and hand charts – that’s the theoretical part of the preparation. But you should not forget the practical, too. You can play free UK casino blackjack (play money tables) as long as you want. Play until you feel confident with making decisions.

Get free cash when you can

Free cash is huge for your winnings. Often at a casino you will get 100% and even 200% on your first deposit, and sometimes further deposits, too. Plus, some casinos have Blackjack promotions that give about extra cash.

Point is, there is a lot of free cash flying around. If you are going to test you luck, come prepared and with plenty of ammunition.

UK casino free spins: what’s the catch?

When we’re kids, parents teach us not to talk to strangers and never trust when they offer us free candy. Naturally, many of our faces change when we have ‘Get UK casino free spins – easy’ type of offers.

Do they really give our free cash and free spins to win? And you get to keep it?

Can you even win?

All valid questions. And without knowing the inner workings of online casino games it’s natural you would have these or any other concerns.

So, here’s the truth and nothing but about how casino bonuses work.

The offer is not shady, but…

uk casino slots

If you were ever interested in UK casino free spins, you probably wondered can you even win. Free spins offers are in no way shady – you play the same casino slot you would if you played with real money.

After all, these casinos have to go through a lot of scrutiny to even operate. If anything they did was shady, the whole industry would collapse due to government crackdown and unbearable regulations.

So, what’s the catch? Are casinos giving out free money just like that.

Not really.

UK casino free spins – the catch

Every offer has a catch, UK casino free spins is no different. The catch here is that casinos have ruin the statistics and know that 1 in 20(30, 40) new players signs up, deposits and becomes a loyal customer. Goal reached.

The math allows the casinos to know exactly how much they can give away and still earn a profit – that’s what they do.

Having said that, it does not mean anyone can take their free spins, hit a win and ‘go home’ with free cash.

Withdrawal rules

withdraw bonus

While you can use the free spins offers to play all day long, the withdrawal is the part where it gets a little tricky. First, most casinos have a wagering requirement for the winnings of free spins. Meaning, that if you won, let’s say $20, you would get to wager it 15 to 30 times to be ab le to withdraw. There are, however, some casinos that started to remove this requirement.

The other rule is the deposit. In order to confirm your identity and prevent fraud, casinos require players to make at least a minimum deposit to be able to withdraw. Occasionally, you also have to send copies of your ID and a utility bill as an additional layer of confirmation. It’s not a major problem but it is a hurdle, nevertheless.

That’s it. That is all you need to know about getting and making the most out of a UK casino free spins bonus. You’ll learn to recognize the best offers with practice.