How to Win at Social Casino

Winning at a social casino appears to be a much easier task compared to winning at one of the Vegas Style casinos. First, you don’t risk any of your money. Plus, you get tons of coins just for logging in and playing.

But if that’s so easy, why do millions of players still complain they need more coins? Why making coin purchases has grown into a billion-dollar industry?

In my experience, it’s a combination of things. Most importantly, best mindset and gaming experience with

Below I will go through both and show you how to actually win at social casinos. So much so you won’t ever need to buy another coin.

Bankroll Management 101

Social casino BankrollBecause it’s an app, players tend to not look at their bankrolls seriously. They will have 10 million coins and play 500,000 per spin. Why not?

I’ll tell you why. Because at that rate, you only have 20 spins. Which is really, really low.

What players must understand is that social casinos are not like real casinos. App developer can set his own payouts. That’s why you will often see reels pay only 1/10 of your bet.  Most of the time at real money casinos you at least get your bet back.

Poor bankroll management is the #1 cause of losing all your coins. Spinning slots is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s about preservation and the ultimate goal.

Whether you have 10 million coins or 10,000, always look to play games that would get your at least 300 spins. The amount of coins is irrelevant. It’s all about how far you can take them.

Experience and Mindset

If you are inexperienced in casino games, you come to the table (virtual or otherwise) with certain expectations. You expect to win. Which is wrong.


In fact, you should expect to lose. When you hit a significant win, understand that you defied the odds. That will keep you prepared for anything that the reels throw at you.

Poor break? Good, that’s what should happen.

Hit the jackpot? Wow, you’re lucky today.

It’s all in the mindset. Just because the reals appear on your smartphone at the dentist’s office, doesn’t mean you should be careless. That’s how you win.

You want to win, right?

Find joy in playing slow, rather than maxing out the bet and trying to hit the jackpot within 3 spins.

Tips, Hacks and Cheats

Tips, Hacks, Cheats Social CasinoAt most casinos, if you collect free coins when the opportunities arise, you should have enough to play for a long, long time.

But if you don’t, you can look for various cheats. Facebook giveaways are great for coin production. Or even coin generators. They are easy to use and extremely quick. But it takes time to find a working one, because there are a lot of fake ones out there.

Social casinos are meant to be fun. And they are. If you feel frustrated about loosing just remember, that’s what is supposed to happen.