Guide to Claim Thousands of Bingo Bash Free Chips Today

How often are you supposed to win at Bingo? How often do you win?

Most players have their own reasons why they like Bingo. But whichever the reason, most will agree that it calms them down. It’s a chill game. Of course, if you aren’t playing too many tickets at once.

Today I want to help you get rid of any Bingo-related stress. Especially the stress of not having enough ships to play the games you like.

Free Chips on Bingo Bash the Easy Way

Please keep in mind, that this is not a cheat that will fix all problems at once. On the other hand, it’s methodical. Meaning, just by following simple rules and methods, you will be able to build your Bingo Bash bankroll in no time.

Everybody knows how to play Bingo. If you don’t, here’s a quick refresher:

It’s basic lottery. You have a 5*5 board filed with numbers. The goal is to match a whole line either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

There’s not much you can do here. So, everything you must do, you must do before you begin.

Bingo Bash Free Chips

#1 Get a GSN Account

GSN is not available in the EU and some other territories. So, use a VPN service, if you have to. GSN account is incredibly valuable as it comes with lots of freebies.

#2 Stay consistent

If you come to Bingo Bash to play, make sure you come on at least once a day. Bingo Bash has prepared amazing rewards for anyone who shows their consistency. Like a free daily chips bonus. And multipliers for coming on consecutive days.

Also, there are many surprise rewards for being loyal.

#3 Social freebies

Bingo Bash FreebiesBingo is, naturally, very different from slots. Especially, as slots is pretty much a solo game. Bingo can be both. You can play alone, hoping to get lucky. But you can also play with others. Who will be the first to hit Bingo?  Who can do best in 10? Or 20?

At Bingo Bash you can play how you like. There are over 30+ rooms to play Bingo, not to mention slots machines.

You probably know Bingo as a three-way win game – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. At Bingo Bash you have 13 ways to win!

#4 Promotions

It’s by far the best way to increase your bankroll. Grab those Bingo Bash free chips today and start playing!

The best thing about it is that promotions never end. If you did get a GSN account, you will get promotions on the platform, while social media has its own separate giveaways.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful. But I want to emphasize that it’s not just about earning a bunch of Bingo Bash free chips today. It’s every day. If you don’t want to ever go short on ships, use these tips every day, and grab your share of the free chips.

House of Fun 200 Free Spins Offer at

There are tons of free spins offers all across the internet. So, why do you need another?

Well, to be honest, who has too many free spins?

But more importantly, 200 free spins is a lot of spins. If you ever tried to find a generous free spins promotion, you’ll know that the vast majority is limited to ten or twenty spins.

And here we talk about ten times that. But you must get it from

100 Free Spins at House of Fun

House of Fun Slots BonusOn this page, you will find the whole House of Fun guide. In short, it’s a casino that is full of various games, from slots to poker, blackjack, and more.

In this way, it’s both a social casino, as well as a Vegas-style online casino.

Because on the one hand, you get to play completely free games on your mobile device. Daily free coin gifts and all that good stuff.

But most social casinos only have slots. Plus, coin amounts are very unrealistic. You start with millions of coins, bet hundreds of thousands, etc. But House of Fun is very much like an online casino in this way.

Your bankroll starts from 1,000 coins ($1,000 is a realistic number to have at an online casino), you can interact with other players, and you also get tons of free spins.

The first 100 free spins offer is available for all new players at House of Fun Casino.  You can receive 10 free spins for 10 days in a row.

Note, that the free spins of the day expire the next day.

House of Fun Free Spins Offer at

Again, if you want to know more about House of Fun Casino, the guide mentioned above is the way to go.

Videoslotsfreespins House Of FunBut there’s a more compelling reason for House of Fun fans to go to Additional 100 free spins.

How do you get it? Easy. That’s always a plus. In fact, just by signing to House of Fun through provided link you will automatically be able to claim that’s special offer. Once the first 10 days and 100 free spins, the offer will be extended for another 10 days.

Easy, right?

All free spins days are also a subject of multipliers. The more days in a row you come to House of Fun, the bigger multiplier of the day you can earn.

All together, you can get House of Fun 200 Free Spins at

Overall, with or without House of Fun casino is lots of fun. Especially, if you prefer playing with other players to playing solo. Even more so, there is a large variety of games to play.

Check it out and if yoiu have any questions, leave a comment.

How to Win at Social Casino

Winning at a social casino appears to be a much easier task compared to winning at one of the Vegas Style casinos. First, you don’t risk any of your money. Plus, you get tons of coins just for logging in and playing.

But if that’s so easy, why do millions of players still complain they need more coins? Why making coin purchases has grown into a billion-dollar industry?

In my experience, it’s a combination of things. Most importantly, best mindset and gaming experience with

Below I will go through both and show you how to actually win at social casinos. So much so you won’t ever need to buy another coin.

Bankroll Management 101

Social casino BankrollBecause it’s an app, players tend to not look at their bankrolls seriously. They will have 10 million coins and play 500,000 per spin. Why not?

I’ll tell you why. Because at that rate, you only have 20 spins. Which is really, really low.

What players must understand is that social casinos are not like real casinos. App developer can set his own payouts. That’s why you will often see reels pay only 1/10 of your bet.  Most of the time at real money casinos you at least get your bet back.

Poor bankroll management is the #1 cause of losing all your coins. Spinning slots is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s about preservation and the ultimate goal.

Whether you have 10 million coins or 10,000, always look to play games that would get your at least 300 spins. The amount of coins is irrelevant. It’s all about how far you can take them.

Experience and Mindset

If you are inexperienced in casino games, you come to the table (virtual or otherwise) with certain expectations. You expect to win. Which is wrong.


In fact, you should expect to lose. When you hit a significant win, understand that you defied the odds. That will keep you prepared for anything that the reels throw at you.

Poor break? Good, that’s what should happen.

Hit the jackpot? Wow, you’re lucky today.

It’s all in the mindset. Just because the reals appear on your smartphone at the dentist’s office, doesn’t mean you should be careless. That’s how you win.

You want to win, right?

Find joy in playing slow, rather than maxing out the bet and trying to hit the jackpot within 3 spins.

Tips, Hacks and Cheats

Tips, Hacks, Cheats Social CasinoAt most casinos, if you collect free coins when the opportunities arise, you should have enough to play for a long, long time.

But if you don’t, you can look for various cheats. Facebook giveaways are great for coin production. Or even coin generators. They are easy to use and extremely quick. But it takes time to find a working one, because there are a lot of fake ones out there.

Social casinos are meant to be fun. And they are. If you feel frustrated about loosing just remember, that’s what is supposed to happen.

Check out Video Slots Free Spins – #1 Casino Guide in 2019

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How Video Slots Free Spins Helps Players Like You

Casino PlayerWe all like slots. Most of us have a favorite machine. But, what about discovering new games? Video Slots Free Spins makes the process effortless. They have an increasing library of slots reviews. Fun and detailed.

Or how about the honest casino reviews? There aren’t many casinos here at Video Slots Free Spins, but quality is much more important. You don’t care about hundreds of terrible casinos, do you?

Instead, Video Slots Free Spins focuses on several top casinos which they have tried and tested. Head over to and check out their casino reviews yourself.

And while you’re on the site, don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter. Every week there is a valuable offer to play for free. Sometimes even two.

More Priceless Resources at Video Slots Free Spins

And now for the juicy part. The meat of it all.

Slots and casino reviews are important, but wait until you see their casino resources.

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All this, and much more you can find at Video Slots Free Spins. Super useful, easy to comprehend and quite fun.

Video Slots Free Spins is a growing site which we can easily see becoming 2019’s top casino resource. Check it out yourself.

Who is the Best Casino Operator?

Hopefully you already know this, but while Casinos take care of the financials, they outsource the production of games. Perhaps you have heard of names such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Bally Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Scientific Gaming, etc.?

These are Casino operators, or Casino game developers. They produce every game you play at a Casino, including online Casinos, brick and mortar Casinos, live Casino online, lottery draws, arcades and more.

You will find that some Casinos feature games from only one provider (let’s say, NetEnt) while others try to cram every provider on their gaming platform. In most cases Casinos share Slots, however some Casinos do have exclusive rights to some Slots.

So, between hundreds of similar themes, thumbnails and Slots titles, how do you pick a game to play?

To help you make the right choice we want to help you recognize different Casino game developers. Below we will compare three distinct companies : NetEnt, Novomatic and Microgaming.

How Gorgeous Can Slots Get?

NetEnt is by far the largest creator of Casino games right now. The company stands behind dozens of blockbuster Slots, among which there are Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Aloha and more.

NetEnt Slots always stand out with their stunning graphics.

Classic Slots: From Live Casinos to Online

Arguably, on the other side of the spectrum you would place Novomatic. It’s a long-standing Slots developer that started with physical Slots machines. You will probably recognize names like the Book of Ra and Lucky Lady’s Charm.

As their main focus is bringing online Slots that gained fame in brick and mortar casino, some aspects of these Slots may be (generously) called outdated.

Novomatic Slots can often be recognized by the Gamble feature.

Where to Find Best Value Slots?

Microgaming is also one of the top Casino operators that have produced over 357 Slots machines.

While not as popular as NetEnt, Microgaming slots are often perceived to have a better average return to player ration (RTP). For instance, NetEnt’s biggest slot is Starburst with 96.1 percent RTP. Perhaps the biggest name in the Microgaming series is Avalon II, boasting 97 percent RTP.

Get to Know Casino Developers

Of course, we can’t list here every Casino operator. But here is the fun part. You get about 30 game providers that we didn’t mention yet to test yourself.

To do that, find a Casino that filters game by provider. This way you will discover a new game developer every week.

Unrecognized Heroes of the Social Casinos

There’s a lot of glamour at social Casinos. Lots of bling, hoopla, pizzazz.

‘Sign up and get 10 million chips’.

’Play for our 9 billion jackpot’

Lots of benefits we drool over. Lots of benefits that make us download those apps faster than a new EA’s game needs a patch.

But there’s a benefit that everyone forgets. There’s a benefit that sits there quietly and produces your rewards. It’s time we all recognized the true hero of social casinos – hourly rewards.

Why Look Seriously at Hourly Rewards?

Valid question. At some casinos when you sign up, you can get 5 million chips from just signing up. Double that if you also connect your Facebook account.

Hourly rewards? Who needs these measly creatures? What is 5,000 chips to you every couple of hours compared to 10 million you already have?

Not so fast.

For starters, it’s not only hourly rewards. It’s also daily and weekly rewards.

Also, many casinos will apply multipliers if you keep the streak going.

Take Fortune Slots. You start with 20 million.

Your new daily bonus will range from 1 million to 20 million. Depends on how lucky you are that day. But going forward, your second day bonus is multiplied x1.5, the third day it’s x2, etc. Keep the streak for a week and your every bonus will be multiplied x5!

In addition to streak multiplier, you may also get a VIP multiplier!

Now, daily rewards don’t look to bad, huh?

Add that to hourly rewards 100,000 coins x 15 hours.

Now, if we do that calculations, the 1.5 million bonus on the first day would rack up over 10 million coins in one day.

Stop Whining About Your Luck

How often do you see reviews filled with complains as if the casino has tampered with their games. They say things like ‘you let me win at first, but then slots stopped hitting.

Newsflash, gang. Casinos don’t need to tamper with slots a week after you registered.
Slots are already weighted towards the establishment. They made the game! It how casinos work.

But there is one major difference between casinos and social casino apps. On the mobile you constantly get free chips. Use them and you will never have to even consider buying coins from a casino.


The best Social Casino:





Steps Before Casino Sign Up

You’re excited. You just found a massive bonus. You don’t know much about the Casino yet, but the generous offer is worth the risk. Right?

Or is it?

Why risk at all? You can prepare to join a Casino enough to minimize any risk to your bankroll. Below we will show you how.

Casino Bonus – Where to Go From Here

The offer is on the table. Let’s say it’s a 100 percent first deposit bonus that goes up to 200 pounds. Should you take it?

First of all, if you are not planning to make a big deposit, the second number doesn’t even matter.

If your bankroll is 50 pounds, as long as the maximum amount exceeds that, you are fine.

100 percent means you get an equal amount compared to your deposit. 20 pounds will produce an extra 20 pounds, etc.

Unless it’s a 125 percent, 150 percent, 200 or even a 300 percent bonus.

What to Know About Free Spins and No Deposit Bonuses?

If, however, it is a free spins offer or a no deposit bonus, there are different things to look for.

These kinds of offers usually have all the details laid out. However, be wary of extremely high offers (like 300 free spins).

You may find that it’s not a lump-sum offer but daily spins spread over a week or a month with additional requirements.

Also, free spins offers occasionally have other limitations like specific Slots or they may require a deposit.

What All Bonuses Have in Common

Like you probably often encounter in life, you’ll recognize that bonuses are a lot about a fancy façade. Take your time and look inside the bonus. For example, 20 free spins is not always more than 50 free spins

Also, 95 percent of the bonuses have a wagering requirement. Sometimes you just need to wager the bonus amount 20 times. Other Casinos may boost wagering requirements to 80 times the bonus.

No deposit bonuses are awesome. Though, remember to check the limits on your potential win. Some offers have it capped to 20 or 50 pounds. It’s rarely a problem which is still worth knowing about.

Lastly, don’t forget that event if you signed up for a bonus, most Casinos will let you cancel the offer midway through. If you’re not having the best of luck at Slots, sometimes it’s the best decision to preserve your bankroll.

All you need this year is best UK casinos online

Many of us have spent hundreds of hours playing online and know how important is good service. Newbies look for free spins and shiny games, but only when you get hit by the ‘terrible representative’ train, you understand that at a bad company, nothing else matters.

So, here is our tribute to the best UK casinos online as well as out New Year resolution to appreciate great service more rather than chase every new bonus.

How to recognize the best UK casinos online

online casino uk

It’s not a fool-proof way, start by looking at casinos that already have an established reputation. Casinos that have been open for 15 years likely know how to serve their customers well.

Does that mean new casinos can’t be the best UK casinos online? Actually, they can. Sometimes the same company has several casinos to their name. Which, is case of great companies, means that they can have established as well as new casinos at the same time and provide the same level of service.

So, a great tip is to know the name of the company that is behind your online casino! It can tell you a lot about what you should expect.

Test Your New Casino Services

mobile casino uk

You are planning to play at the casino – deposit money and give them your time, energy and recommendation. Why would you pick anything else rather than one of the best UK casinos online?

And you start by testing yourself.

Go the to contact page and see what they offer.

Firstly, how many different ways you can contact them (including visiting them in the office)?

Secondly, how many of those ways to contact them are suitable for you?

Then, is there a live chat option (on-site, Skype, phone)?

Finally, test the methods out. Ask about what games can you play, ask what promotions have they recently had for blackjack or free spins? In minutes you will be able to tell whether a person knows what they are talking about.

If they are giving you grief for asking questions now, imagine the hurdles they will ask you to go through when you ask for a withdrawal or a refund.

Trust no one. Even us.

We will do our best to give you the best places to play but you must remember that we have to cater to our whole reader base. Individually, any given casino may not be the best one for you even if it is the single best thing for the 99% of the population.

Your best UK casinos online are not anybody else’s. Know what you are looking for in a casino and follow that criteria every time.


UK casino free spins: what’s the catch?

When we’re kids, parents teach us not to talk to strangers and never trust when they offer us free candy. Naturally, many of our faces change when we have ‘Get UK casino free spins – easy’ type of offers.

Do they really give our free cash and free spins to win? And you get to keep it?

Can you even win?

All valid questions. And without knowing the inner workings of online casino games it’s natural you would have these or any other concerns.

So, here’s the truth and nothing but about how casino bonuses work.

The offer is not shady, but…

uk casino slots

If you were ever interested in UK casino free spins, you probably wondered can you even win. Free spins offers are in no way shady – you play the same casino slot you would if you played with real money.

After all, these casinos have to go through a lot of scrutiny to even operate. If anything they did was shady, the whole industry would collapse due to government crackdown and unbearable regulations.

So, what’s the catch? Are casinos giving out free money just like that.

Not really.

UK casino free spins – the catch

Every offer has a catch, UK casino free spins is no different. The catch here is that casinos have ruin the statistics and know that 1 in 20(30, 40) new players signs up, deposits and becomes a loyal customer. Goal reached.

The math allows the casinos to know exactly how much they can give away and still earn a profit – that’s what they do.

Having said that, it does not mean anyone can take their free spins, hit a win and ‘go home’ with free cash.

Withdrawal rules

withdraw bonus

While you can use the free spins offers to play all day long, the withdrawal is the part where it gets a little tricky. First, most casinos have a wagering requirement for the winnings of free spins. Meaning, that if you won, let’s say $20, you would get to wager it 15 to 30 times to be ab le to withdraw. There are, however, some casinos that started to remove this requirement.

The other rule is the deposit. In order to confirm your identity and prevent fraud, casinos require players to make at least a minimum deposit to be able to withdraw. Occasionally, you also have to send copies of your ID and a utility bill as an additional layer of confirmation. It’s not a major problem but it is a hurdle, nevertheless.

That’s it. That is all you need to know about getting and making the most out of a UK casino free spins bonus. You’ll learn to recognize the best offers with practice.