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Check out Video Slots Free Spins – #1 Casino Guide in 2019

Can you tell whether you will even return to a particular resource? Nowadays we can find an interesting article on any subject. They all seem valuable. But often not nearly as valuable for us to ever return. We promise to return to that video, article or a site, but end up chucking it among hundreds […]

Who is the Best Casino Operator?

Hopefully you already know this, but while Casinos take care of the financials, they outsource the production of games. Perhaps you have heard of names such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Bally Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Scientific Gaming, etc.? These are Casino operators, or Casino game developers. They produce every game you play at a Casino, including online […]

Unrecognized Heroes of the Social Casinos

There’s a lot of glamour at social Casinos. Lots of bling, hoopla, pizzazz. ‘Sign up and get 10 million chips’. ’Play for our 9 billion jackpot’ Lots of benefits we drool over. Lots of benefits that make us download those apps faster than a new EA’s game needs a patch. But there’s a benefit that […]